Audiovisual producers had to manage the disclosure of the benefits of exploitation to all creative members of the production over time, at least on a yearly basis. The companies had no technical solution for it, and the process was non-scalable, manual, time-consuming and difficult to track and audit.


Together with a multidisciplinary tech and non-tech team, we designed and developed a digital platform to tackle all the requirements of new European legislation with a close deadline to match, making sure to build a solid foundation to expand the platform functionality in the future.


A fully featured web platform, where all the data from the production companies, individual productions, cast and crew, producing partners and exploitation entities was aggregated in a data model specifically designed for the case. In this platform, the business logic and legal requirements were implemented to disclose the information in a legally valid and compliant way, providing the production companies with the full solution to this new European legal framework. The solution was deployed in the Azure cloud, providing a performant and cost-efficient infrastructure.

Tech involved

Value added

The end-to-end solution we delivered allowed audiovisual production companies to manage the legal obligation of disclosing exploitation benefits on their productions in a scalable, digital way, saving time and effort and ensuring compliance with European legislation.

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