We are pioneers in creating a platform that allow people from around the world to have a unique learning experience breaking all the barriers to become the professional they want to be.

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Increase the knowledge

Increase the knowledge of your staff while facilitating HR training management by an App that boosts the expertise of your employees.


Empower your E-learning

Empower your E-learning business with an innovative learning solution and start providing all the courses to all the people from any place.


Use your students’ data

Use your students’ data to offer recommendations for courses, educational initiatives, learning paths or study methods that best suit their needs.

Student success

Get personalized insights

Get personalized insights, analyze the engagement level of your students in real time and minimize the dropout and absenteeism rate.

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Data plays an integral role in today’s education and virtual schooling systems. Due to the pandemic, even more, anonymous aggregate data can be used across programmatic development and the student lifecycle to boost performance.

Rubén Trujillo · CTO at Nucleoo

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