Why choose Nucleoo?

Discover what makes our trainings special

Specialised training

Our trainings are not simply generic sessions about technology; they are designed to meet the specific needs of your company.
We take the time to understand your challenges, goals, and business context to provide you with personalised and relevant training.

Practical applications

Instead of merely discussing theoretical concepts, we focus on demonstrating how technology and AI can be practically applied in your industry and business processes.
We present case studies and concrete examples to illustrate how these tools can drive efficiency, productivity, and innovation in your company

Training delivered by experts

Our trainings are led by technology experts and professionals with experience in various industrial sectors.
This ensures that you receive the highest quality training, with up-to-date knowledge applicable to your specific industry.

What can you expect from our trainings

Discover what you will gain from this training to enhance the value of your company

1. Awareness of technological potential

Our trainings are designed to enhance understanding and awareness of the latest technologies and trends in the market.
We help you understand how these technologies can positively impact your company and your industry, and how you can capitalize on them to gain a competitive advantage.

2. Identification of opportunities

3. Establishment of technological projects

Increase company value

Training modalities

In Nucleoo, we understand that each company has unique needs and challenges. That's why we offer different training modalities designed to adapt to your specific requirements:

Generic free webinars:


Join our free webinars to gain an overview of the latest trends in technology and AI


Perfect for those looking to acquaint themselves with the topic before delving into specific applications


Online modality

Customised masterclasses for businesses:


Our customised trainings are specifically designed for your company


We showcase potential applications of technology and AI that can transform your business


We work with you to understand your challenges and objectives, offering you training that is relevant and tailored to your needs


Available in online or in-person format

Exclusive trainings:


For those companies seeking an even more exclusive service, we offer in-person events where you can acquire new knowledge for your company


Immersing yourself in an in-person training at an iconic location is like opening the doors to a world of possibilities, where learning merges with experiential knowledge and the exchange of insights


Designed to address the specific challenges of your company, providing tailored solutions and personalised attention


In-person format

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