You know you should be using AI in your processes but not sure where and how to start.

Our clients all struggled to use ChatGPT directly in an organised and structured way. The output highly depended on the competence of an individual employee to insert the correct prompt.
With the Nucleoo AI toolkit, we make AI directly applicable and tangible for instant cost savings and enormous productivity improvement.
Nucleoo AI is an ecosystem which combines OpenAI technologies with a cloud and software layer, quickly scalable and customised for your organization, private and secure.
Thanks to our adaptable intelligent software layer we make the technology reliable and scalable in your organization, regardless of the individual who operates it. Results are consistent and not dependent on senior expertise.

How it works:

Phased approach

Our Nucleoo toolkit provides an AI Credibility Score that tells the quality of the output at each phase. The index is an approximation comparing output quality with the uploaded documentation. A low credibility score is obtained when we use for instance ChatGPT with little guidance (prompting). The more context and advanced prompting, the better the quality. Once trained, output quality can theoretically exceed the uploaded documents.

Phase 1

Setup the basics with a private NLP environment

The biggest fear of most companies is that by using AI SaaS solutions such as ChatGPT, they lose control of their data.
Nucleoo GPT Private Cloud has been designed to meet the primary need of any company: keeping company data safe. At Nucleoo we understand the importance of managing your valuable data assets securely, as we are used to working with sensitive data and have strict privacy and security policies in place.

40 - 60

Phase 2

Generate tailored content in a matter of seconds

This phase allows you to generate custom content using your company data and tone of voice. Let the model learn from you and your data so it significantly improves the quality of the output every second, being able to further reduce costs and time on repetitive work.

70 - 80

Phase 3

Bring content creation to the next level

The model is trained by our AI team in collaboration with you and our strategy consultants. Phase 3 allows you to actively guide and train the model, so it generates better quality output and ensures maximum leverage of AI tools by your employees. The quality of the output is known to be better (more than x2 of normal chatGPT) than the one generated by employees.

70 - 80

90 - 120

Phase 4

Integrate your owned and tailored Gen AI Nucleoo toolkit with your systems

In this final phase, we reach the highest level of learning through the integration of your Nucleoo AI toolkit with the client's existing systems, enabling an exponential increase in value creation. Phase 4 ensures you have your tailored Gen AI solution integrated with the client's ecosystems and working in their private environment.

Rapid proof through instant delivery

We estimate the instant efficiency improvement to exceed 15% and further expand while we advance in our phased approach. Realistic efficiency gains in phase 3 could reach as high as 10X.

Nucleoo AI ecosystem

Benefit from the scale advantages and knowledge of our ecosystem while preserving your IP and building a sustainable competitive advantage.

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