Last week ChatGPT unveiled its revolutionary Code Interpreter. This ground-breaking tool empowers users to execute programming tasks, dissect data, craft charts, manipulate files, and carry out intricate mathematical operations.

Currently, this state-of-the-art tool is in its beta phase and exclusively available to Plus users. For those who are eager to know more, here are four compelling ways that this advanced AI tool can revolutionise your business operations.

1. Analyze a dataset

Harness ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter to turn your CSV data into valuable insights. Use it to create a wide array of graphs and visualizations, custom-made for your requirements. Be it pie charts to represent proportions, bar graphs for comparative data, or scatter plots for trend analysis, the Code Interpreter meticulously generates these from your data with one simple prompt.

Want your visualizations in a specific format? It can also provide a downloadable link in your preferred format, such as PNG or PDF. As an example, we prompted it to analyze a sales dataset and create a PNG image comprising four distinct visualizations. See the outcome in the image on the right.

2. Extract colour palette from an image

Another standout feature of this tool is its ability to extract the colour palette from any image you upload. This can be extremely useful for designers, artists, and marketers looking to understand the colour schemes of images and implement them in their work.

Simply upload an image and request the Code Interpreter to extract the colours. In a matter of seconds, it will return a palette showcasing the dominant colours in your image.

3. Create a gif from an image

Uploading an image and instructing the Code Interpreter to create a GIF is all it takes. It will generate a looping animation from your image, adding a captivating layer to your visual content.

4. Perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Upload a scanned invoice image and command ChatGPT to perform OCR and create an excel sheet with the desired fields. Within moments, it will extract the data and compile it into an organized Excel sheet that then can be imported into your accounting software. This automated process reduces the manual effort of data entry, minimizes errors, and improves overall efficiency.

In summary, ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter is revolutionising a multitude of tasks, making complex operations accessible to everyone, not just tech enthusiasts. Its broad applications promise to foster curiosity and creativity while boosting productivity. So, have you tried this game-changing tool yet? It’s time to explore its possibilities.