The client had different sources of data and was struggling to obtain valuable insights from that: a CRM, an HR management software, an ERP, excel files, etc.

It was impossible for them to export the data from each of the sources and combine them manually to later make the necessary calculations in order to get the relevant KPIs for their business.

Without these KPIs, they could not make good and informed decisions on important topics such as the performance of each of their consultants or the profit earned per line of business.


The first step was to get a good understanding of the client's business logic and needs as well as identifying all the data sources to be included in the analysis.

After that, we created automated ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) processes that extracted and transformed the data from the various sources so that everything was converted to a structured format.

Once we had all the necessary data available, we proceeded to define with the client the reports that were going to be created and how often the data would be updated. The reports were uploaded to the Nucleoo platform and all the client had to do was log in to view and interact with them.


With Nucleoo’s platform, the client can obtain business-relevant information in a matter of seconds. The platform contains all the reports that they need and the data is updated daily.

Tech involved

Value added

Now their entire team can make data-driven decisions and be confident that the data is correct and up-to-date. As a result of this, the client has saved amount of time spent manually creating reports and has achieved much more in-depth and interesting analysis.

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