The solution used by the client was not scalable due to the cost of its infrastructure and the technology used. This made it impossible for them to offer their services to larger customers, and the high cost of the infrastructure meant that they made less profit. In addition, they had a lot of difficulties in recruiting people as the technology was quite outdated, so their ability to evolve the product was very limited.


We created a big data solution to be able to efficiently process very large volumes of data using modern technologies. This solution was cloud-based, which meant we could scale it up and down based on the demand for resources when there were no processes, saving costs. It was also cloud agnostic, which meant that it could be deployed across different cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).


The solution we created was able to process the same amount of data as the client’s solution in less time. It also allowed to process larger clients, as a large amount of data could be processed while customising the product according to their needs.

Tech involved

Value added

Our big data solution provided the client with greater scalability, flexibility, efficiency, and customisability, all of which helped them to overcome key challenges and position themselves for continued growth and success in their market.

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