The Netherlands has a dropout rate of 7.2%. This is one of the highest rates in Europe and the figure is rising -not only because of Covid- to alarming levels. The government has been working to reduce this rate, but traditional methods have proved ineffective. However, the use of data insights and software can help identify early indicators of dropout and provide interventions to prevent them.


Nucleoo developed a system that collected data from students' academic and behavioural records -in full compliance with all privacy and GDPR regulations. This system analysed the data to identify early indicators of dropout, such as absenteeism, low grades, sickness and disciplinary problems. The system then suggested to teachers how to do interventions, such as counselling, tutoring or mentoring, to prevent dropouts.

The software also provided data insights to help students study more effectively. The system analysed students' learning styles and identified the areas where they struggled the most. It then provided personalised learning plans tailored to students' needs. This ensured that students not only learn but also retain the information, leading to better grades and higher retention rates.


Using data insights and software in education had numerous benefits. With this solution, Nucleoo can, for example:

  • Reduce dropout rates: by identifying early indicators of dropout and providing interventions, the system can reduce dropout rates in the Netherlands.
  • Improve academic performance: the personalised learning plans offered by the system can help students study more effectively, leading to better grades and higher retention rates.
  • Save time and money: the system can automate many administrative tasks, such as tracking attendance and grading assignments, saving teachers time and money. Most MBO and HBO organisations are budgeted for the number of students and the number of students who leave school with an exam. Thus, an early dropout cannot be "replaced" by another student, leading to significant financial consequences for schools.

Tech involved

Value added

Nucleoo's system offered a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by the education sector in the Netherlands, providing benefits to students, teachers, and schools alike.

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