The main challenge is having vast quantities of water measurement data being collected by citizen scientists, for which they need a powerful data infrastructure to extract valuable insights and smart visualisation tools.


Crafting an agile and accessible platform to support the collection and extraction of insights from water measurement data (i.e. bacteria, pH levels, temperature, Nitrate, surrounding ecosystem, etc.). Nucleoo provided a tailored end-to-end data solution to process and organise the water samples through multivariable analysis.


With the new Nucleoo’s platform, they can adapt and develop flexible algorithms and customised reports on demand. This facilitates access to crucial information on our rivers’ past, present and future, creating insights for local governments and raising public awareness.

Tech involved

Value added

Access to powerful, personalised, real-time information on the state of water is now possible with Nucleoo, helping to raise awareness of the problem so that rivers can be made drinkable again.

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