Crafting proposals has historically been a time-consuming task, requiring meticulous attention to detail and extensive research. The client was actively seeking to optimise its proposal process. Up to this point, matching their clients’ requests with their product catalogue was done manually, which took around 6-9 hours per team member.

They needed to empower their proposal teams with technology that would allow them to navigate through the specification documents more efficiently. Additionally, the client was concerned about security issues, as all of this customer’s data was strictly confidential.


By leveraging cutting-edge language processing capabilities, the tool analyses vast repositories of data, summarises large specifications documents, extracts valuable information and generates tailored proposals that resonate with clients on a deeper level.

This solid summarisation tool harnesses the power of Generative AI in a 100% private environment (Azure cloud), keeping the client’s data secure and transforming the way the company handles its internal processes.

We also developed an interactive Q&A tool that enables the client to interact with different documents, obtaining answers in natural language.


With Nucleoo's private ChatGPT tool, consultants are equipped with a powerful ally that transforms internal processes into a seamless and efficient workflow. This secure cutting-edge tool enabled the team to extract key information and distil complex content into concise summaries tailored to their needs and gain insightful information in seconds while minimising the cost impact of missing out on specification deviations.
By combining our technology know-how, proprietary technology and platforms such as Azure and OpenAI we significantly improved team productivity.

Tech involved

Value added

Nucleoo's private ChatGPT tool represents a paradigm shift in the way companies approach the proposal process. By harnessing the power of AI and advanced language processing capabilities, consultants can unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity, leading to stronger customer engagement and conversion rates.

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