• Develop a mobile application for the accomplishment of online training with tutoring.
  • Deploying a multi-platform mobile application connecting with legacy architecture.
  • Provide service to thousands of users concurrently from anywhere in the world.
  • Provide a personalised learning experience to each user, based on their activity, profile and preferences.


We developed a multi-platform application using Ionic, Angular and Python, connecting with different user registration systems, courses, and repositories of didactic units on the one hand, and Moodle on the other hand. The infrastructure that supports the content and the campuses as well as the end-user applications was also implemented.


  • Enrol in courses and get registered to be notified about upcoming activities.
  • Get access to on-demand courses: users can learn at their own pace.
  • Check progress: the user is able to continue learning from the exact same point, the app progress is a mirror for web progress.
  • Large catalogue: users can access through its phone more than 190,000 courses.
  • Tech involved

    Value added

    This innovative app provides an on-demand, personalised learning experience to hundreds of thousands of users globally, enabling the client to exponentially expand its business internationally. The users can now learn at their own pace, check progress, enrol in courses, and access a large catalogue of courses from anywhere in the world with their mobile phones.

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