Our IoT partner wanted to develop an infrastructure and connectivity solution to centralise and monitor their full fleet of IoT devices in real-time, which generated thousands of messages per second in several formats while being able to exploit it from the cloud.


We needed to design an architecture capable of handling such high-frequency message scenarios, with complexities in terms of networking, typology of messages and performance and storage challenges.


We developed an infrastructure able to ingest messages delivered by devices connected to a narrowband network in real-time. Also, a Web API to supply a set of essential device and message operations to network providers. This was a high-performance system, able to collect thousands of messages per second and millions of devices. To achieve that, we used cutting-edge technologies in the cloud and a serverless approach as well.

We also built a dashboard application, where users could monitor, manage and control their own devices. Any user could see the data sent by the device in real-time, as well as send commands to it and view the status and other device metadata.

Tech involved

Value added

Our use of cutting-edge technologies and a serverless approach allowed us to collect thousands of messages per second and millions of devices, providing users with real-time data and maximized control.

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