Our client aimed to upgrade its manual valve operations and on-site safety systems, simultaneously reducing both risks of human error and operational costs.


We developed Nucleoo's white-label solution on a flexible infrastructure, which can run either in the public cloud or on-premise. Data streams enter Nucleoo via a custom ETL and are integrated into a consolidated data warehouse, with clean data and metadata.

Nucleoo Query provided a standard interface for querying data and metadata with self-service capabilities, enabling BI reporting, but also specific answers to complex business questions, whether analytical or AI-related, while ACT monitored KPIs to react to exceptional events (e.g. device malfunction, signal anomaly detection, values outside safety thresholds, etc.), all queryable from a custom visual interface or directly via APIs or Sandbox environments.


The client’s plant managers can efficiently monitor operational function and on-site safety via confidential and tailored dashboards powered by real-time IoT sensor data. Additionally, comprehensive overviews of on-site hardware and software facilitate cost-effective upgrades and best-practice working environments.

Tech involved

Value added

Nucleoo's platform has made it possible to manage more than 100,000 IoT devices worldwide, enhancing safety and efficiency. It minimizes human errors, optimises operational costs, and empowers real-time monitoring and data-driven decisions for improved safety and upgrades.

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