Companies usually face a challenge to execute their strategic plans when it comes to sales and marketing. One thing is to create a plan and the other is to have a disciplined process to meet the objectives. It is this discipline that is required to become successful.


The solution proposed allowed the companies to see where their business stood with its marketing and sales effort in order to find out the real potential of their business. Once you understand the potential the application helps you to systemise your growth through a disciplined process, monitoring and recommendation for the next steps.


Nucleoo developed a web application which helped the client to create the starting point for systemising its growth through an advanced survey which covered all the macro and micro strategies. Based on the input given, it would calculate the business valuation. Furthermore, the system allowed to monitor milestones and receive recommendations for the next steps to successfully systemise the growth of your business.

Tech involved

Value added

Now companies have a web application that guides them through an easy process to exponentially systemise their growth.

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