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In today's business landscape, effective data management is often the key factor that determines a company's success. Cast your mind over the list of today’s most successful enterprises, and you’ll soon see what ties them together: strategies that put data above everything else.

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Our company was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 under the name Bi4 with a mission to help clients implement customised data solutions. During our startup phase, we completed notable projects involving satellite data reporting, industrial IoT sensors, and self-service data science for supermarket receipts.

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Motivated by an overheated labour market in The Netherlands and due to our strong thighs with Spain, we moved to Madrid in 2014. We continued to grow as a company with a strong technological base and gained traction in the Dutch market as data specialists with highly qualified professionals.

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In 2015, we settled in Granada, a city with one of the best – at an international scale - Computer Engineering Universities. We became one of the favourite places to work in South-East Andalusia and were able to surpass the 50 professionals shortly after.

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In 2017, we began to invest in an exclusive model of pre-assembled solutions that aligned with most common data management requirements as many of our clients requested solutions we had developed before. This way we can turn our clients into a 100% data-driven company at a speed and quality that is more competitive than traditional models.

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We’re first to market and are passionate to disrupt the way companies turn their data into true assets and benefit from the upward trend of artificial intelligence. We have already proven to be a challenger in the cloud computing, software development, data management and AI market. Our mission is to be the strategic tech partner that your business needs. Thanks to our technical and business expertise we are creating business value through the latest technology while making a positive impact on society.