At Nucleoo, we understand your Data as a source of Insight.

Registering everything around us has become the norm in human behaviour over the last century. This means that every occurrence, from sales to weather, can be recorded and stored for “later use” or “just in case”.

However, that ease and volume of data generation is now catching up with our own capacity to properly manage it. As a result, we end up with tons of files from times untold sitting in our servers. They’re sparingly accessed at best, and normally left totally unseen until purge or loss. Thankfully, we can fix that.

With Nucleoo, you can leverage the power of advanced ETL processes to model your Data into a comprehensible structure, and turn it into Information.

From here, that mass of unused and unaccounted for data is tamed and ready. We can put it to work for you, adding meaning to it, finding out what it can provide you with, and taking Information to the next level: Knowledge.

At this point, we’ve discovered the value hidden in all your records and files. We understand it, and we know the whens, whys and wheres. 

But this isn’t the end. We want this value at your fingertips. Not static, but dynamic. We won’t just give you a number and call it a day. 

With modern toolsets such as PowerBI, dashboards are no longer just reporting. They’re analysis, prediction and prescription. Powered by the extracted Knowledge and infused with your business logic, you won’t just be reading Insights — you’ll be discovering them.

Through filters and slicers, you’ll be changing what the visuals, measures and predictions of the dashboard calculate and display. Exploring your data easily, while drawing valuable Insights.

Assisted by our Expert Team and AI-Powered Systems, you’ll study your data from new perspectives at unprecedented speed, turning months of research into mere minutes.

With Nucleoo, you’ll be able to unlock the full potential of your Data.